Bodrum in History

Established on an historical peninsula at the point where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet, Bodrum is a seaside town which has an impressive history.

Bodrum is built on Halikarnassos, one of the most renowned cities of ancient times. The first native peoples of the area were the Karians and the Lelegs. Herodotos ( 484-425 B.C.) recorded that the Karians, known then as the Lelegs, lived on the islands before moving onto the mainland.

Also according to Herodotos, Halikarnassos was established by the Dors who came from Troizen, which was situated to the east of Mora. The Dors reached Southwest Anatolia, via the islands, around 1000 B.C. The first settlement of Halikarnassos was established where the castle rises today, although that was then an island named Zephyria.

Bodrum Today

Today, Bodrum makes its living mainly from tourism. Also, with the developments in technology, many fish farms have been set up. A wide variety of fish are bred at these world class farms, for both domestic and international markets.

Apart from these, the world famous Milas carpets and kilims are produced, using natural root dyes, in the villages of Çömlekçi, Etrim and Karaova.

Bodrum and Tourism

We have emphasised that Bodrum's main source of income today is tourism. The local and foreign tourists who visit Bodrum are offered many different possibilities. One of Bodrum's most notable characteristics is its exuberant night life.

The bar quarter of this beautiful town is a gathering point for those in search of entertainment. Those who come to this impressive peninsula to leave behind the weariness of the working life and relax, find the opportunity to enjoy a different atmosphere at these bars and clubs. But don't assume that the possibilities for fun and entertainment are limited to this! A wide variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants scattered around various parts of Bodrum provide enjoyment late into the night.

You can be sure that the Bodrum nights will hold a special place in your memories long after you depart.

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